Exercise Eight

Exercise Eight



Today we will be continuing with yes/no questions. I know that many readers want to address their love life - but after we worked with family isues in the last exercise I would prefer to move to a subject that is not as emotionally based this time. Though the work place can have many emotional issues attached to it.

Begin with a greeting to your guide and perhaps prepare a list of questions for today.

I am psyching that some of your answers are not a clear cut 'yes or no'. In that case - the information has yet to be determined based on other factors. We will move past 'yes - no ' answers in the next lesson. We still want to keep things easy and direct.

Begin with a greeting to your guide. You may choose the same guide each day or ask for another guide. This does not mean that you can ask them each the same question. There is generally one main guide who is a partner to you and would be the one who you would address.

You can tell your guide that you are here today to discuss your job/carrer - but in all proabability - he /she already knows that.

Sample Questions;

Is the career I have chosen a lifetime career?

Will I have various changes in careers in this lifetime?

Will I have jobs or should I go to school to train for a career?

Ladies : Would I truly be happier at home raising a family and changing nappies? Would I be happier working part time?

To find my career - do I need formal education? Training?

Am I best suited to be a ........(create a list of desired job choices).

(I know that most people would like to own their own business, but you have to be realistic when asking that question.)

Businesses: Would I do better alone? With one partner? Two partners? Can I trust -----??

Will my business merge? Evolve into something else ? Fail?

Is my job a 'dead end ' job?

Does my boss appreciate my work? Do I have a personal conflict in my workplace?

Will my race, ethnic background, etc. impede my chances for finding my suited career? - to move upward in my career?

Am I settling for less than I could because I am lazy?

Am I smarter than I realize?

Could I return to school after years of absence?

Can I find a career that I am 'passionate' with?

I want to work in Metaphysics. Can I earn a living working in that field? Can I work part time in metaphysics?

Will I get a promotion in 2006? 2007? Other?

Will I stay at this job until I retire?

Will there be a buy out?

Can I work form home? With my computer?

You will think of dozens of questions.


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