Exercise Nine

Exercise Nine


You are finally ready to ask 'yes-no' questions about your love life. Now this is where things get tricky as the ego always 'kicks in ' here.

Remember first answers count!

You are ready to begin.

Sample questions if you have a partner now....

Is ----(name partner) my soul mate?

Are we together because we have karma to work out?

Do I owe (partners name) a karmic debt? Does (partners name) owe me a debt? Do we both owe each other?

Is (partners name) my lifetime partner or will I have another?

Is my partner growing spiritual as I am? Is this important in keeping us together/

Have we grown apart?

Am I holding on to a relationship that is over?

Does (name) really love me?

Can (name ) love in a spiritual way?

Does my low self esteem enter the picture?

Why do I stay with (name) ? Name choices - money- children - scared to live alone - other.

If you are gay you can ask:

Is there a reason I came in gay? Genetic? Karmic?

Was I prejudiced in a past life?

Is there a learning lesson here?

Does my soul prefer a male (or female) role?

Is this the first time I came in gay?

Am I a gay male to hold female frequency, which I would not be able to do if I was straight?

Am I afraid to admit that I am gay?

If you are single you could ask:

Will I find a soul mate?

Does my soul mate exist on the earth palne now - in a physical body?

Is my soul mate my spirit guide?

Will I marry? Live with someone?

Do I need therapy to maintain a relationship?

Do I sabotage relationships?

Will I ever have a child (if childless).

Is the life time commitment partner what I really want - or would I prefer to change partners as my needs and theirs change?

Would my soul's needs best be met - by living alone? With a mate?

I have searched now for a partner all my life. I am now 40 and have never met the perfect partner. Is this because I am too picky? I really dont have a partner here? I will not marry?

Is my destiny on Earth other than marriage and children?

Is my karma -parental caretaker?


We hope you will find these exercises on meeting your guides useful.
And it would be great for you to share with the group any experiences you may have had while contacting your spirit guides for the first time.

Love and Light

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