Exercise Seven

Exercise Seven
DAY 7: Chatting with Your
Guide about your Biological or Adopted Family Relationships

Today we will focus on the subject of your biological or adopted family relationships. This is NOT to reference your love life, marriage, family you have created as an adult.

We will ask only 'yes-no' questions.

'Tune in ' to your guide mentally. Open the third eye. (This is a physical eye -pineal gland. It actually looks up. It is not on your forehead as is written . It is at the base of the brain).

You may greet your guide in any way you wish.

Sample questions:

Are members of my biological family from my past lives? Give names? If you are adopted - use this for biological and adopted family members.

Ask various questions about the members of your family in relationship to you and to each other.

It is fine to discuss members of the family who have passed over.

Ex. - Is the soul of ------(Person is deceased) the same soul as -------(Person is living)?

Do I have my strongest karma in this lifetime with -------(give names)?

Did -------(name) and I have a bad relationship in another lifetime? Do I owe him/her something karmically? Is that karmic debt over? If yes - Can I release that family member from my life now?

Is it my main karma in this lifetime to be the caretaker of ------(name person - usually the parent).

Does my soul have other biological families other than the one I know in 3D?

Is this another aspect of my soul experiencing on 3D now?

Is this another realm?

If you believe you are a walk-in, ask about all family members - theirs and yours .

I have dreamt of parents on another planet - is this a reality? Past life? Parallel life?

---------(name) abused me as a child. Can I forgive (name) and balance the energies now?

Adoption questions:

Is my biological mother alive? Ask further about her - your father - siblings. Do I need to find them for karmic reasons? Will I find them? Does my biological mother want to know me?

You can include questions about foster parents if you feel connected.

Don’t forget Grandparents - and other relatives you knew while growing up.

Ask your Guide if a deceased member of the family is available to talk to you. Eg: ''Can you bring my grandmother to speak with me ?''

You may have to pause and wait for another spirit to arrive.

You may smell flowers, or have other sensory experiences.

If you need to ask forgiveness about something - this is the time to do so.

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