Exercise Six

Exercise Six



By now you should feel comfortable with your guide.

Today we will begin some personal spiritual questions. Do not ask about your romantic life or job! We will basically ask 'yes-no' questions. Some easy questions may be asked that require explanation.

''Are you my only Spirit Guide?''

''How many do I have?''

''I would like to meet another Guide today. Please have another Guide come talk with me.''

''What is your name?''

''Do you work with ---------(name first Guide)?''

''What is your function in my life?'' This can be asked of both guides.

''Am I on the right spiritual path?''

''Will you guide me to the next part of my spirit journey?''

''Should I be working as a healer?''

''Do I meditate enough?''

''Do I need to take classes to guide me?''

''Will you lead me to a book or home page to further learn what I have to?''

''Is my current techer - if you have one - ok? - Or is it time to move on?''

''Do I need to move to a new location to find my destiny?'' If yes - name places - still ask only 'yes/no' questions.

Continue questions . Take notes. DO NOT ask for long detailed explanantions.

It might be fun to ask a question of each guide to see if you can tell the difference in their frequency thus getting more familiar with them. Address your guides by name. This takes practice for some people. For those who have been listening to their guides for years - without realizing that they were connecting with spirit - this will be easy. They will say ''Ah! that is the one who has been telling me all of those jokes in my mind all those years.'' You will remember back to spirit guiding you through various decisions, boring situations, saving your life, etc. Take time with this. There is no hurry! Spirit has no timetable.


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