Exercise Two

Exercise Two
DAY 2 : Getting to Know your Spirit Guide

Again use only 'yes/no' questions - with one exception - today we find out the name of your main spirit guide. You can prepare.

Ask your question....then pause....listen to your thoughts....connect with the answer.

Greet your guide with whatever greeting you chose.

See your frequency connecting with his/hers.

Allow your thoughts to connect.

Ask, ''Are you ready to answer questions?''

Wait for an affirmitive answer. It should be immediate.

Ask ''Are you male?'' (You may have already determined that by the tonal frequency of the messages). ''Are you female?''

''I would like to know your name. Can you tell it to me please''.

If you have trouble getting the name - listen hard - then come as close to what you 'hear' as you can. Spirit will accept whatever name you give.

''Do you like the name -----------?''

Continue by asking more general questions.

You can write down the questions and answers.
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