Letting Go Of The Hurt

Heartbreak is hard on everyone holding onto this

heartbreak is one of  the worst things you could do ,in my opinion , it will

destroy your motivation.I am not a Doctor just someone who

has talked and who has tried to help so many to the point where I thought

writing this page might help some in a positive way .  Holding on to it, just

keeps it going on and on in your mind ,like a broken record  you just keep

playing the memories back over and over and over again. Rather it's over

someone you loved , who no longer loves you in return , from past abuse

that has been done to you , from something you did that was wrong .To

anything that you are holding on to that is hurting  you to  the point you are

not happy .Some will get in a mind state of depression where they won't

even feel like getting out of bed , or you just walk in like a trance all day

long , with not many emotions but sadness, you just let yourself go . You

will be stuck in this rut of your own creation . Like living in a  prison in

your own head . The only way to get out of this mind state is to let go of

the hurt ,or the pain ,  to let go of the past , because that is where it is , in

the past . Let go of any  wrongs you may have done  in the past .Or the

wrong of others , that has hurt you deeply,  Release the pain into the stars,

say out loud I release all of the pain , all the negative energy I may

have ,please turn this negative energy into love and light , let me learn from

any of the past mistakes so that I won't make them again.   It's best not to

 hold on to them for this will only hurt you and you won't be able to grow .

You need  to find other ways of motivation . To get this off of your mind

in a positive way . Abusing drugs or drinking to heavy isn't the answer ,

turning to Art,Writing,Music or walking or taking up something that is

good for you is . LET IT GO , DO NOT HOLD ON TO IT . Don't let it eat

you from the inside out . Make a stand . Tell yourself everyday good things

about yourself . You are a good person , You are beautiful , You are funny,

 You are smart, You are nice , You have pretty eyes, You deserve someone

who loves you , You deserve to love yourself .You need to get up and do

something good for yourself everyday, even if its just something very

small .   Don't let others or  pass mistakes change this . Just learn from them

and try not to ever make the same mistake twice . Take baby steps, and if

you fall, just get right back up on your feet again . All these words and

thoughts are from my own opinion and perception. from years of talking

with others , who  doesn't let go or know how to let go of the pain . My

opinion is not to do anything more negative to yourself just change your

way of thinking , find positive things to help you keep your mind busy and

away from the hurt that you have been feeling. A good thing you could try

is by saying these things aloud a few times a day.

Even though I have this ----------- ,what ever it is you have on you that is bothering

you . I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even through I have this ----------,I deeply and profoundly accept myself.


Even through I still have some of this ----------,I deeply and completely

accept myself .


Remember again I am no

Doctor just someone who cares, and understands. Who myself has also

been there , and who has also talked with so many . Know you are loved .

Love and Light to you always . Everyone has freewill , this page was only

written to help you with the pain that  you might hold  inside you that you

keep feeling that is hurting you more than it is helping you . It's best to never

do harm to others or to yourself . I once read if we have Beauty in our

hearts than it transforms the world around us. Again it is up to you if you

want to hold on to this pain , it's just my opinion to let go of it and find

other means of motivation. To keep your mind busy . Good positive

things . This page or any other page in this website is not a substitute for

the advice or treatment normally received from a doctor or psychiatrist or

from any licensed professional . It is only from my opinion .

Just for today :

Do not be angry

Do not be worried

Be grateful

Work Hard ( on improving yourself)

Be kind to others

Every morning and Every night with hands held palm to palm, speak these words out loud and from your heart or at least say them to your heart . Do this every day and night until it sinks in even than you may still need to keep this up .

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