The Law of Attraction

Abundance is much more than just money. Abundance is the flow of energy that comes to us from the Universal Source of life, both spiritual and material prosperity.

Abundance is love and wisdom. It is talent, skills, virtues, money and material goods – abundance is whatever we need to fulfill our life’s purpose.

Energy should be flowing freely to us and through us, to materialize abundance. If we are not experiencing that flow of abundance then we have to ask ourselves why. What is it within us or around us that is blocking the abundant flow of prosperity?

The first key to unblocking us is:

‘Be GRATEFUL for everything that happens to you’.

Be grateful for the joy and beauty of all creation, including the beauty of your own soul. Be continuously grateful for all that you are, and what you have, and you will see how your abundance will increase.

Be grateful for everything that happens to you. Count the negatives, the positives, the miracles and disasters – everything – because they are teachers teaching us our lessons.

Even when things are not going as you would like, be grateful for being shown that there are some adjustments you need to make in order to make things go right.

In negative situations when you may find it difficult to be grateful, it is important to realize that anything coming towards you is energy coming your way. Bless the messenger who delivers that particular bundle of energy, then reclaim and transmute it into something positive.

Be grateful and see the light in everyone you meet. There is something special about everyone, and you can help them to see what it is.


Anxiety is a major deterrent to bringing into the physical, what we need. We cannot be a clear channel for the flow of spiritual and material abundance into our life until we stop stressing and worrying.

Fear is a destructive energy because it can destroy all creative vibrations. The manifestation of fear is a barrier against each undertaking. Fear destroys innumerable possibilities, for when we have fear anywhere in our world we negate the power of the creative vibrations flow to us. Instead of letting these vibrations move freely through us and arrange themselves into positive patterns, anxiety causes this energy to take on the patterns of our fears and worries.

You can use simple affirmations to help free yourself from the doubt and fear that blocks your flow of abundance.


Faith is an antidote to fear.

If we lose our faith, the foundation of our creative endeavour will crumble.

Patience and faith go hand in hand.

Be certain when you submit your request to the Universe that your motive is only to serve and bless all life and for the highest good, and that you are willing to go out and do your work to do your part to precipitate your own supply.


“Attention is the key; for where man’s attention goes

his energy, and he himself can only follow”.
- Saint Germain

We draw towards us the energy of abundance by creating and then repeatedly visualizing exactly what we want to see happen in our lives. We can maximize the effectiveness of our prayers, affirmations and meditations by summoning the power of our inner vision.

In your prayers and meditations, visualize the desired outcome of your prayers. See what you need to accomplish in every area of your life, including family, home, career, finances, health, education, relationships and spirituality.

Visualize the resolution of difficult situations. Be as specific as possible in your visualizations. The more centered, concentrated and creative you are, the better your result will be.

When we keep our thoughts anchored to the great spiritual beings that we are, that image repels all that oppose the manifestation of our reality.

What image do you have of yourself? If you list a lot of qualities that are less than positive, realize that you are attracting that ‘less-than-positive’ image to yourself, as every minute, hour and day of your life you are creating who you are. Whatever you visualize yourself to be, you will become.

Feedback from others is important, because we don’t always realize how we come across to other people. It is beneficial to be able to see ourselves through the eyes of another, yet we do ourselves a dis-service if we look at ourselves exclusively from the outside in.

It is essential that you live with the self-image not only of who you are right now, but of who your divine self is. There is a part of us that recognizes the spiritual being that we are, and that we can become more of each day.


Some people diligently practice the keys to abundance, yet still don’t achieve the results they desire. This is because they have not cleared their subconscious.

You may decide to start affirming;

“I AM a successful ……….. -

but, if you have been telling yourself for the last twenty years (or twenty lifetimes) that you are a failure, your subconscious mind is not going to be too easily convinced otherwise.

Our subconscious is like a recording machine – it records every impression we have absorbed throughout our life (and our past lives). That includes all the negatives we have heard and believed about ourselves. Every time you think something negative about yourself, every time someone criticizes you or intimidates you, your subconscious mind records the event.

Often we don’t realize just how much we have been influenced by another’s thoughts or words. These negatives can undermine our abundance.

In the highest dimensions of spirit, our soul knows no boundaries and it wants to be liberated from the tyranny of negative subconscious programming. The subconscious not only records negative impressions, but just like a tape player on automatic replay, it plays back the recordings of the past.

We need to re-program our subconscious with positive messages. This is what positive affirmations are all about - affirming the innate beauty and positive potential of the soul.

Another key for working with your subconscious is to ask your divine self to take dominion over the four components of the mind - the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, the unconscious mind and the superconscious mind. By doing this we seal our subconscious so they do not become tyrants over our soul. We also empower our divine self to generate positive energies and impulses in the subconscious and unconscious.

The superconscious mind is the mind of infinite intelligence within us that works through our highest self.

The conscious mind is the reasoning mind.

On a spiritual level, the subconscious mind corresponds to our desires, and this is why it is so influencial. When the subconscious mind is cleared and functioning in a healthy way, the subconscious acts like a resilient trampoline, catapulting our highest aspirations into action.

The unconscious mind is the deepest level of our being and can exercise great power over us, although it is not directly accessible to our awareness.

Freud said that the unconscious mind includes our primordial wishes and impulses, as well as memories and drives we are no longer conscious of, but which can have dramatic effects on our thoughts and actions.

When you begin to work on your subconscious mind don’t be too surprised if you see the negatives coming up more intensely and with more frequency. The more faith, determination and joy you have, the more spiritual light will naturally expose the blocks to your spiritual progress.

Believing and sustaining the affirmations of our soul’s success will get positive results.

To draw towards you the fruition and manifestation of your desires, you must be clear and fully aware of what those desires truly are.

Make yourself a list. You can list health, home, relationships, spirituality, career, finances, travel, hobbies, children, pets … whatever you truly desire in your life. This list becomes the focus of your highest aspirations – therefore, do not set limits to your imaginations, for it is the Universal source of abundance that will be fulfilling your needs, not your human ego self. Ask only for the things you really need to fulfill your life’s purpose.

Often people attempt to use the Universal Law of Attraction to become financially wealthy … but they may not be spirituality successful – therefore, there is no balance, and the person’s wealth is of no real value. When practicing the keys to abundance, you are working with the laws of energy, and we all are fully responsible for each use or abuse of energy. You can actually create negative karma if you use the energy at your disposal to create things that you don’t need.

Whatever you truly desire WILL eventually come to you. We magnetize it to ourselves, therefore take the time to question your motives and evaluate your desires.

Always picture something better than the best of what you are experiencing now. You always want to be reaching for something higher.

In reality, we never get something for nothing. The divine law is clear: when we give to life, we receive from life. If we stop giving of ourselves, we will stop receiving.

If we have a one track mind we limit our options. When we are overly attached or anxious, we are not open to surprise packages or new opportunities that may be right in front of us.

Take the necessary steps to get the momentum started. We all get what we want out of life as long as we really want it and are committed to getting it.

Blockages to do with the flow of spiritual and material abundance we need is often karmic. We may want to go in a certain direction, but our karma takes us into byways that seem to be off the beaten track of our mission. Dealing with karma should be our first priority. Each day a new parcel of the negative karma we have created in the past is delivered to our doorstep for resolution. We may experience that karma as the breakdown of a relationship, or the breakdown of your car. Things just don’t seem to move the way they should.

Prosperity is abundance.

The divine distribution of wealth on this planet occurs according to karmic patters and karmic law. In most cases, every person who has money is entitled to it according to their karma - even if they didn’t earn it in one lifetime, but may have received it through inheritance or lotto.

Money comes to people because there is something in the Etheric (or Causal) Body that attracts wealth to their being. It may also be written into their blueprint (or Life Chart) for whatever karmic purpose.

When you practice the Laws of Abundance you create good karma, and therefore, you begin to attract prosperity to yourself.

The possession of money itself does not make a person better or worse. Money is responsibility. When you have a great deal of money, it is a form of prosperity that should not be dammed, as this will block the flow.

A secret to prosperity is to give. Another is to use your talents and gifts. By wisely using our gifts, we multiply them. This does not have to involve money. Money is merely a medium of exchange. This concept can also involve service. It can involve things you do for others. It can involve other people as well as your immediate and extended family.

Another secret to prosperity is to stop looking to other people for our supply. Look to the Universe - do not depend upon any human being.

Always keep a ‘seed’ of prosperity and keep your thoughts uplifted.

No matter how poor you are, always keep one hundred dollars somewhere that you call fall back on. You don’t have to keep a lot, but always keep at least one hundred dollars in cash tucked away somewhere.

This is the seed for prosperity.

If you learn to not let go of every cent, but to hang on to enough to tide you over, you will have confidence in that seed. Then you can apply to the Universe. In reply it will provide you with the wisdom to know how to use what you have in order to receive more. But, if you spend everything you have until you are broke, then your confidence (and faith) will be shaken.

So keep a seed of prosperity, and keep your thoughts in a very positive state. Your thoughts have a great deal to do with your prosperity.

Sometimes the way to break a pattern is to actually spend money.

The reason why prosperity doesn’t flow into people’s lives is because they have stopped giving. Another secret of prosperity is that you have to release something from yourself, as you may be stifling the flow.

You need to understand how to work with the Laws of Abundance. You not only work with them through affirmations, prayer and positive thinking, but also by ensuring that the law of stagnation does not function in your life to dam up your supply.

To tap into the flow of prosperity, everyone should develop their faith in the Universal supply, and the knowledge that your needs will be taken care of, no matter what they are.

It is ‘negative’ to worry about your future, and it can in fact, dam up the flow of prosperity into your life. The moment you start worrying, you tune into the millions of other people who are worrying aswell. You may not be aware of it, but their thoughts and energies will be attracted like a magnet, into your subconscious, your thought patterns and your daily life. This leads to a downward spiral.

One of the greatest secrets of prosperity is to tune into ‘right thinking’ (positive thinking), by thinking right yourself.

Learn to develop the belief that no matter what you need, it will be supplied to you.


In order for the Law of Abundance to truly be activated, you must also be aware of the other Spiritual Laws.

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