Soul Mates and Twin flames

Soul mates are souls aspects of your own soul who experienece with you . Soul Mates can have many different types of

relationships, which do not always include romantic love. Soul often come together to work out issues or play reverse roles

than that which they are experiencing elsewhere. you will feel closer to certain souls, because you have attracted them into

 your life as they are on the same frequency as you or because you want to work out issues with them .

Twin Flames

When you experiences in third dimension your soul sparks splits in half . male and female . one half remains in higher

frequency. while one half spirals in third dimension . If you are female, your partner (Twin Flame) is male and vice versa

We search for ourselves by healing to restore balance at which time we will reach Zero point . the merge of our matter and

antimatter selves . Many people miss their soul aspect and feel incomplete throughout their lives. They feel alone,often

abandoned and lost,depressed. They cannot find themselves. A piece of themselves is always missing. They search for it in

third dimension but never completely find it. If they are lucky , they find someone who comes close to making them feel

whole . They want someone to love them , share with them and help them through this journey. You can meet someone

who can carry the frequency of our Twin Flame and give  you the feeling of union. oneness

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