Spiritual Terms A - Z


Affirmations A brief statement that is said frequently to produce a truth, reality or positive circumstances.

Akashic records A "cosmic memory bank" which contains details about everything that has happened in the Universe, such as information about every soul and every life that they have ever lived.

Ankh The Egyptian ankh is an ancient symbol meaning both physical and eternal life.

Archetypes A concept devised by twentieth-century psychiatrist Carl Jung. A model of images that portray a particular and comprehensive realm of experience, such as the lover or the the hero.

Astral body A energy body(second self) that consists of a subtle field of light that encases the physical body. There is a theory that the astral body is able to separate from the physical body during sleep and fly hence flying dreams.

Astral projection To be aware that the astral body has separated from the physical body, typically during a sleep like state. Characteristically one is able to float above oneself and view one's own physical body.

Astral travel The next step after astral projection, astral travel allows a dreamer to travel to a different locality while being aware that he/she is not in his/her physical body.

Astrology A form of divination that studies that uses the the cycles of the Universe and the position of the planets at the time you were born to draw a distinctive impression of who you are and where you are going.

Aura The outer layer of electromagnetic energies that surrounds and penetrates every living thing.

Automatic writing A type of writing that involves being in an altered state of consciousness, the rational mind is switched off and the intuitive mind takes a more active role.


Bilocation An occurrence that happens when a living person is seen at a second location, while continuing to perform normally in his/her physical body at his/her original location

Birth sign Also called sun sign, this is the astrological sign that the sun was in when you were born. There are 12 signs in the zodiac.


Chakras Energy centres that run throughout the body. The 7 major chakras are located between the base of the spinal cord and the top of the head.

Channeler A person who communicates with spirits. Can also be known as a medium.

Channeling The method of communicating with spirits.

Chanting Repetitive singing of short simple words or even a few monotonous notes. Chanting is used to help attain a deeper spiritual or meditative state.

Chi Chi comes from ancient Chinese medicine meaning the universal energy that flows through the body's vital organs, bones, bloodstream etc.

Clairaudience The ability to hear sounds that aren't attainable to the physical ear. Sometimes called "clear thinking"

Clairsentience The ability to perceive information which is not in the range of ordinary perception. Sometimes called "clear knowing or "clear thinking"

Clairvoyance The ability to perceive things that are unable to be seen with the physical eye. Sometimes called "clear seeing".

Collective unconscious A theory by Carl Jung that all of mankind share a range of ideas, symbols, and archetypes that form the world's myths and belief systems.

Contemplation Deep thought or reflection as a type of meditation or prayer.

Creative visualization The method of using images to help one to achieve one's goals. Creative visualization is often used during meditation or deep relaxation.


Spiritual Terms D - I


Discarnate Spirit A spirit without a physical body.

Distant Healing The concept that healing can happen even when the patient is not present, through such things as prayer or meditation.

Divination The practice of foretelling future events through supernatural means, intuition, or prophecy.

Dowser A person who uses a pendulum or divining rods to locate water, find energy fields or discover illness in the human body.

Dowsing A traditional means of finding underground water, energy fields and other materials by using divining rods or a pendulum.


Earthbound Spirit A spirit that exists between the earth plane and the higher plane, mostly referred to as a ghost.

Ectoplasm A matter that spirits produce to make themselves visible to living beings.

Extrasensory Perception (ESP) The method of knowing that something's going to happen before it does. Also perception of thoughts, experiences, or issues without using any of the 5 senses.

Exorcism The act of driving out an unwanted spirit through religious or formal ceremonies.


Fake A person who pretends to be a psychic/intuitive or medium, sometimes with the best intentions such as "to make you feel better".

Feng shui The ancient Chinese system for creating harmony in your environment such as home or work.

Fishing The so called psychic/intuitive or medium asks questions to get small bits of information to incorporate into the reading.

Fraud A deliberate fake influenced by self-interest and greed, and usually motivated by financial gain.

Free Association The method of saying or writing the first things that comes to mind in response to a particular word or picture.


Ghost The most common use of the word ghost is to describe the soul of a disembodied spirit, imagined to be wandering amongst the living.

Graphology The examination and analysis of handwriting to indicate what a person's personality and character is like.

Guardian Angels Loving and compassionate spiritual beings who help guide you through life.

Guided Imagery A guided daydreaming or meditation that uses inspiring imagination in a focused and directed way to achieve goals and to heal the mind and body.


Haunting A repeated observation of an image, whether it is sight, sound or movement, of a past happening. Some "Experts" have suggested that it doe not involve a spirit but rather an "energy imprint".

Healer A person who has the ability to receive healing energy from a higher place and channel that energy to people who are ill or injured whether it be mentally, physically or spiritually.

Horoscope Also called an astrological or birth chart, it is divided into 12 pie sections called houses, each representing a certain area of your life.

Hypnosis A sleep like feature that is characterized by intense focus that results in heightened vulnerability to suggestion and advice.

Hypnotherapist A hypnotist educated to help people with deeply buried problems and to help them to change these life patterns.

Hypnotist A trained expert who directs and leads a client through a hypnotic trance.


I Ching An ancient Chinese book of Divination based on creating pairs of 8 symbols and their interpretations.

Invocation A prayer or formal greeting to call upon the presence of spirits.


Spiritual Terms K - O


Kami The spirit of departed loved one that remains within the family and community.

Karma The accumulation of the outcome of all your actions during the time of your existence. Another thought is that the energy(whether positive or negative) you put into the Universe comes back to you in other lifetimes.

Karmic Lessons The lessons you need to learn in this life due to past errors in past lives.

Kirlian Photography A type of photography, that uses metal plates and electrodes, this is able to show the object and aura of living things.


Levitation The action of an object,animals, and even people, lifting into the air without any means of support. Some people believe this to be spirit energy.

Lucid dreaming When a person is dreaming and is actually aware that they are dreaming and continue to with the dream. With experience some people are able to manipulate their dreams and direct the dream's theme to the way they want it to go.


Major Arcana Tarot cards that are sometimes called "Fate cards". The 22 cards represent the major events of your life.

Mandala A drawing of the scheme of the cosmso, which is characterized by an arrangement of geometric shapes, each on shows an image or attribute of a deity.

Mantra A word that is spoken of sung repeatedly. The sound is said to vibrate in the body and awaken certain energies during meditation.

Materialist Medium A medium who receives spirit messages that manifest themselves in physical appearances.

Materialization To make an object appear from what appears to be nowhere.

Meditation A state in which the body is consciously relaxed and the mind is allowed to become calm and focused.

Medium A psychic/intuitive who communicates with Spirits and brings through messages from the other sider. Also called a Channeler.

Meridians In ancient Chinese medicine, there are 14 meridians that carry chi throughout the body.

Metaphysical A type of philosophy that looks at events and experiences that have no apparent physical explanations.

Minor Arcana Also called "free will cards", these 56 cards are concerned with your daily life and ordinary events. Minor Arcana also has to do with your beliefs and behaviour, and how you relate to others.

Mythology An assortment of a culture's popular beliefs used to explain the unknown and unexplainable.


Near-Death Experience (NDE) The phenomenon where the physical body experiences clincial death and has the vivid awareness of seperating from his/her body. When they are revived they recount stories of what happened, Interestingly the recounts are often very similar.

Neocortex The upmost part of the brain, that is responsible for rational and higher thoughts.

Numerology It is often called "the language of numbers". It is the study of the meanings of numbers and their connection to the Universe.


Oracles A shrine,altar or sacred objects used by a multitude of cultures throughout history for guidance, wise counsel, holy truths etc. Traditionally the site of the oracle is considered a holy place.

Ouija Board A board with letters, numbers, and words printed on it that comes with a planchette, that glides along the board's surface. People place their fingertips on the planchette as it moves across the board spelling out answers (supposedly from spirits) to particular questions.


Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) An occasion when a person's conciousness appears to depart from his/her body, to see the world from a point of view that transcends the physical body and bypasses the physical senses.



Spiritual Terms P - Z


Paranormal Phenomena The events that people put down to the prescence of "ghosts" such as unusual sounds and sights for which there are no obvious explanations.

Parapsychologist A scientist who studies psychic phenomena.

Parapsychology An area of psychology that studies psychic experiences such as types of behavior that allows us to perceive information beyond the boundaries of time, space, and ordinary senses.

Past-life Regression Therapy The method of finding out what causes us to act like we do by looking at past lives.

Pendulum An object that is suspended from a fixed point that moves in response to a natural force and/or psychic energy.

Poltergeist In german the actual word poltergeist means a noisy ghost but now in the world of paranormal it is a form of psychokinesis in which spirits move objects and chairs levitate etc

Power Animal An animal spirit with special characteristics and attributes that represent traits or qualities you have or need.

Prana A form of energy that animates all physical matter, including the human body.

Prayer A humble and sombre intention to communicate, in speech or thought, with a divine force.

Precognition Awareness( in the psychic sense) of a future event before it happens.

Premonition A precognitive sense of danger or forewarning of a horrible future event.

Prophecy Knowledge that comes in the form of a vision or dream before it actually happens. Traditionally, its source is believed to be a divine revelation.

Prophetic Dreams Dreams that apply to sensing or predicting the future.

Psychic Attack An incident when someone purposely and conciously directs negative energy toward another person.

Psychoanalysis A methodical approach for examining the unconcious as a way of mental and emotional healing.

Psychokinesis (PK) The ability to use the mind to move objects without physically touching them.

Psychometry The ability to touch an object and to tap into the owner's residual energy. This can also be done by going to certain locations and sensing what happened there by touching things there such as walls.

Psychosomatic A physical condition that is caused or influenced by the person's emotional state.


Reflexology A type of hands on healing which is based on the assumption that every part of the body directly relates with reference points on the foot, hand and ear.

Reiki An ancient practice of hands-one energy healing.

Reincarnation The belief that after death the spirit is reborn into another physical body and physical existance.

Retrocognition A type of ESP where one has intuitive knowledge of past events without gaining information through the traditional five senses.


Scrying The practice of divination that provokes clairvoyance when a reader stares into a reflective surface while in deep state of concentration.

Seance A gathering or sitting in which a channeler attempts to communicate with spirits.

Spirit plane The level of existence at which there are no boundaries of tangibility, time or space.

Spiritualism A system of faith that is based on belief in the continuity of life beyond physical death.

Spiritual Regeneration A spiritual rebirth or religious conversion. The suggestion is that a person who experiences this is remade.

Spontaneous Drawing A form of creative expression such as drawing pictures, which occurs during an altered state of conciousness. The rational mind is shut off so the intuitive mind can take over.


Tarot A special deck of 78 cards that are used to help one to learn about the past, present and possible future.

Telepathy A method of thought transference in which one person receives information from one another without the use of the ordinary senses.

Theology The study of God and God's relationship with humankind within the context of a structured religion or faith system.

Thought Transference The process of being able to communicateone's thoughts without physical means.

Totem A symbol or emblem that has spiritual significance

Trance A state of altered conciousness that involves complete mental absorption.

Trance Medium A type of spirit communication in which the medium enters a state of altered consciousness that permits spirits to communicate through his or her body.

Transfiguration When a spirit's physical characteristics are superimposed over a medium's features, which presents an image of the spirit entity.


Universal Energy Field The energy of all existence, encompassing the physical and nonphysical worlds.


Zener cards A deck of 25 cards, with 5 cards each of 5 symbols, that researchers use to measure telepathic ability.

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