Barbara   USA
BigWill has read for me 2-3 times and has been very close if not right on.....Told me things that no one knew of, especially in my younger years....He is very accurate with ages.....I have seen him read several times and in my opinion is very good, very kind and especially very thoughtful in his readings...
Will's readings for me were early on when he first time goes on and as I see more of his readings and the comments, I see he has developed very well in his abilities.....He is very much a gentleman and is very careful how he delivers messages.
He is an awesome Friend.....


The first time I met BigWill was in JVP chat room,my eyes were drawn to his unusual name,I pondered over what kind of person sat behind it he was quiet and we didn't talk much that day or some time after apart from hello,how are you today?, JVP closed and I followed everyone to the Shrine of hope and I spoke with BigWill for the first time he was the most friendly warm compassionate man and I liked him straight off the reading he proceeded to give to me blew me away,he connected with my husband,and the things he told me I carry with me in my heart today,as time went on our friendship grew and my family took a great liking to him too,as my mum & dad also made numerous connections through BigWill to the extent that i was beginning to feel quite embarrassed that they chose him to speak to me I cant find the words to express how accurate his validations were for me,he once gave me my dads bank account pin number, WOW it doesnt get any clearer than that,So i would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart BigWill,you have changed my life so much for the better and gave me hope again your simply the best love &light to you and your beautiful family xxx  JO (Cameesh)



Sue, Australia

I have had a reading with BigWil and he has given me great validation from spirit by communicating with a number of my relatives who has passed over. He has also done a remote viewing for me and it was very right. Not only could he see the book I was reading but the page number I was on and the first few words of the page. It was awesome Will is also a great healer and has a brilliant connection with spirit. His readings and insight have uplifted me and brought me great comfort.                                                                                      

Thank You

Suz Henderson

Cindy  , Penn.USA

A kind and gentle soul that gave me comfort and eased my mind when I really needed it. My reading was detailed and very accurate. My reading was given with patience and understanding. When I asked questions, my answers were immediate and given with compassion. I also gained a lot of information that I needed to know. Unforgettable, and I feel honored to have met you. I wish there were more people that cared so much to share their gifts so freely. The world would be such a better place.
God Bless, Cindy    (Queen Scorpio)

 Glenda, Md,USA

In the beginning I met BigWill in many different sites and many different practice reading classes. BigWill has given me I would say four readings so far. Each bringing out all the different gifts he does have. Studying to be a medium myself I have the best of teachers that I could ask for. So the more I learn from them the more I can see who has which of the gifts a person reading has. I have been so amazed with BigWills accuracy and the information brought through. Some no other medium I met brought through. I have even had many readings from professionals. Some of the detailed information BigWill gave I couldn't believe he brought forward. It was info given to me by my Angels and Guides. Some things I had just recently learned about myself two months prior too. I have been married and divorced three times. Not bragging either. BigWill in his last reading described each husband right on. In the past life reading I still can't get over today. He, in one reading gave a reading about my brother . His 4x6 picture is on the bookshelf here on the side of computer. He read him exactly , and everything that was happening in his life right now. I said I can't believe you just did that . Gave a reading of one of my brothers you know nothing about when I turned and looked on book shelf , sure enough brothers picture is there . BigWill described what he was wearing. He also brought through information about one of my sisters totally accurate. BigWill has described the clothing more then once I was wearing at time I am at computer. I try to make sure I have my hair combed now lol. Cause I don't know how he knows all this detailed info. LOL.
I won't discuss other details on his psychic abilities because I do not know if he has personally made it known. BigWill Thank You so much for sharing your Love Light and Wisdom.
Love and Abundance to You , . BigWill,
Prissy 101, 


Dawn , England

There are not enough words to even begin to describe how this reading was for me. lets start with it brought me to tears. he shows only kindness and is not judgmental he speaks with his heart and shares what guides tell him. he knew things only i knew, and that is unusual. he calmed me with how soothing his words were and if u see his site u will see why. i needed the truth good or bad i just needed the truth. he tells you what he is told not what you want to hear. he is the real deal, and this is what made me cry. he gets in the mind of those in question and can answer what they want you to know. he is exceptional and i will always be grateful for his sincere and loving way of sharing. he genuinely cares about you and that is evident. Thank you for doing what you do so those of us worried or confused can have answers. God bless. speak with him, and you will be happy you did.

Lisa, (timsmom) USA

I am in just total amazement... and like i told him.. i think this is the first time i have had a genuine happy smile on my face in 5 months... wow... i told him very little and he picked up certain things.. i had to read trough several times to make sure i wasnt imagining it and i had to look to see what i told him... hes true.. please give him a try.. Thank you  Lisa

Peg, New Zealand

What I want to say is...what he has done for me cant really be put into words. Will has helped me sooooooooooooo much. when I thought i was done, He was there for me...and he doesn't even know me. He tells you the truth not what you want to hear. He really cares about the people He does readings for. He has been on point with his readings for me every single time. He has been nothing but a blessing for me and i will continue to get him to read for me. Will is the best in my opinion but try him for yourself, i promise you will be shocked at how he can keen in on the situation in a short amount of time! truely a blessing he is... Love Peg

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