Tips to receive a great reading!

      * Find out whether the reader is a medium or a psychic/intuitive. People seem to get confused between the two. A psychic/intuitive is exactly what the name suggests whereas a medium is also psychic but is also able to communicate with spirits on the other side.

    * Decide before the reading what areas are of the most importance(Prioritize) case you happen to run out of time. Make sure you ask the most pressing questions first.

    * Go in with an open mind. You are never able to predict how a reading will turn out.

    * Keep your legs and arms unfolded to help the psychic energy flow.

    * Clear your mind of expectations and just concentrate on being receptive to whatever happens.

    * Ask the reader if you can talk and/or ask questions during the reading.

    * Do not overwhelm the reader with too much information, just give enough to clarify your concerns. On the other hand, give enough information that the reader doesn't need to go over unnecessary ground.

    * Don't take it personally if a loved one who has passed over does not come through, spirits have busy lives on the other side too. The other possibility is that another spirit on the other side has an important message for you.

    * Remember your future is NOT carved out in stone. If you do not like what is in your future, you have the ability to change it (free will) .

    * A good reader will never make judgements about your life, they have pretty much seen and heard it all!

    * Ask family or friends if they know of a person who is a reputable reader.

    * If you do not feel comfortable with the reader, don't have a reading....let your intuition guide you.

    * Do NOT have a reading for the novelty value or to "test" a reader, you are only wasting your time and the reader's time.

                 * The main thing is to enjoy yourself!!

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