Give your spirit a Spring tonic--a bathing in light--that clears your energy field and revitalizes you on all levels. You’ll find this visualization centering, grounding, and uplifting all at once.
SIMPLE SOLUTION:  Enliven your whole being in a deeply connective way:

Make sure to feel the energy going through you, to not just visualize it.

A. Imagine standing on the Earth. As you breathe feel giant roots, like those of a redwood, sink from the base of our spine through your feet and deep into the Earth. From the top of the head, feel a bright, white light that flows downward, easily and gently, washing through you like a stream of crystal clear water. Let the light pick up any negativity, blockages, or concerns you’re carrying and wash them into the Earth.

B. When you feel clean and bright, imagine a deep green light that flows upward from the Earth--supporting, healing, and reinvigorating your body. Feel the life force of the planet pulse upward like a fountain through your feet, your legs, your spine, and your whole body. Let it flow up and out through your head and hands. Feel as if you were sprouting branches far into the sky, branches that support you and help make you strong and light.

C. As the flow of green light continues to strengthen and vitalize, imagine another light, this one deep violet, that flows outward from the center of your being. Feel this violet light bathe and surround you until it creates a strong, protective ball.

As you continue to breathe, feel all the lights flow strongly--cleansing white, vitalizing green, and protective violet.

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